The Master Key To Creativity
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Instant creativity sounds like a big promise when we know that
corporations and the Department of Defense spend millions seeking
creative ideas and innovation. Well, instant creativity is what I promise
and ... instant creativity is what I deliver.

I, and many like me, have the "natural" gift of creativity. It is like magic
and I used to marvel, after the fact, at my creations as if they were someone
else's creations. "Where did that come from?" My insatiable intellectual curiosity would not rest until I fully understood every nuance of the mechanisms behind creativity and developed methodologies to manipulate the mechanisms in order to be creative... at will.

About the Author
by David Eastman (lifelong friend and client)

The author of the book “The Master Key to Creativity”, EJ Topping, has been referred to, many times, as a creative genius.
He says, “Everyone is a creative genius if one knows how to apply the creative process.”
His self-published book, “A Brief Anthology of Creativity and Philosophy”, now titled "Creativity, God and The Sexual Itch", has dazzled world scholars and is now available at Amazon/Kindle.
His writings reflect the pure reasoning style of Immanuel Kant. His authoritative and metaphorical approach to philosophy is reminiscent of Plato.
In the book he discusses the origin of God, interpersonal communication, the purpose of life, the "sexual itch" and, of course, the Master Key to Creativity.
EJ's initial ten years of research and 20 years of experimentation and verification have isolated the core mechanisms and basic processes of creativity and has given him an intimate understanding of
creativity's elusive chemistry.
His first creativity seminars and workshops for Prime Computer, Computervision, Digital Equipment Corp and Wang Computers back in the 1980's revealed the elusive secrets of the “creativity chameleon” and their practical application. The seminars were life-changing for all those who attended and inspired EJ to continue sharing the gift of creativity.

This Seminar is a date with your future.

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Don't delay.
Remember, Youtube, MS-DOS, Google, Craigslist, Harry Potter, Pet Rocks, Amway, "Thriller" and Twitter were "creative ideas" that generated million$ in revenue. It only takes one great idea.

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The following is an overview of my creativity seminar/workshop
The Master Key to Creativity

Book Includes:
The Master Key to Creativity
The World's Greatest Communicator
The Origin of God
The Sexual Itch

I spent over ten years researching and experimenting to develop the thesis of this booklet which is the absolute authority on the "DNA" of creativity. My workshop/seminars each take a life of their own, based upon the goal of each client, but they are all founded in the basic building blocks provided in this booklet.

Included is the "Instant Creativity Card" which you may keep in your wallet. After reading "The Master Key to Creativity", the "Instant Creativity Card" serves as an outline of the process and, "like magic" you can create at will.

The livelihood of many professionals rests upon their ability to be creative and writer's block or "creative block" have plagued creative professionals for years, especially those on a deadline.

There are several companies making millions by providing creativity consulting and the fact is that most use antiquated and superficial concepts blended with good business sense and yield marginal success depending on the natural creativity of the participants.

I have never marketed this booklet. It was always a gift to those who attended my seminars. They can spend up to $500 each. The download price of only $1.42 at Amazon is a bargain.

The fact is if you read "The Master Key to Creativity" over and over again you will learn something new each time. I have been asked by a publisher to put some "filler" in the book to increase its "perceived" value, but I have left out all the non-relevant "fluff" and provide to you a poignant and concise delivery of the knowledge that you seek.

You may choose to book a one-day seminar or workshop for $1600. Acedemic institutions get the seminar for $800. (See overview of Seminar below)

Or, you may purchase this booklet with everything you need to begin implementing and practicing the principles for only $1.42 at Amazon.

I have just released my book, "Creativity, God & The Sexual Itch" as an eBook on Amazon's Kindle Books at a bargain/sale price because my ultimate goal is to inspire and leave the world a better place than when I arrived.
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"The Master Key to Creativity" will change your life forever and you will be the great ad-libber, copywriter, screenwriter, book writer, song writer, composer, innovator, or inventor that astonishes and leaves everyone marveling. (Be the Muse)

My Guaranty: If you read and implement the principles in this book your life will change!

Instant Creativity... At will!         Learn how... now!
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